where are quagga mussels found

Where it has been found.

The introduction of both dreissenid species into the Great Lakes appears to be the result of Quaggas are prodigious water filterers, removing substantial amounts of Each coin-sized quagga can filter up to a liter of water per day, stripping away the plankton that for thousands of years directly and indirectly sustained the native fish. In 2004, he determined that yellow perch, over the intervening 10 years, had developed an appetite for the Quagga mussel.

The Quagga Mussel differs from the Zebra Mussel in being larger, rounder and wider. Quagga mussels have since spread to more than 15 states. Quagga mussels are native to the Caspian Sea and were introduced into the Great Lakes in the mid 1980’s in ships ballast water. They have also been found in the St. Lawrence River and north to Quebec City. For many years, the quagga mussel was not found in any inland … Quagga Mussels are found to be limited to the southern Great Lakes; Lake Ontario, Michigan, Huron and Erie.

They have also been found in the St. Lawrence River and north to Quebec City.The Quagga Mussel, as the Zebra Mussel, was introduced to the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America via ballast water.This freshwater mussel has rapidly dispersed throughout the Great Lakes region into river systems and smaller lakes due to passive drifting at the larval stage and their ability to attach to the hulls of boats.

But because they prefer silt- and sand-bottomed lakes, quagga mussels may be able to successfully invade inland lakes, including some lakes that are not good habitat for zebra mussels. So far, in Wisconsin, the quagga has been found only in Lake Michigan waters - not in any inland lakes.

A quagga mussel feeds all year, even in winter when its cousin the zebra mussel is dormant. In addition, this mussel is very prolific and can have profound effects on ecosystems by depleting the biomass of phytoplankton communities, which in turn affect the composition of other communities within the ecosystem.Fisheries and Oceans Canada is studying the Quagga Mussel population to improve its understanding of how it reacts and adapts to Canadian conditions. Much of that food supply has now been sucked to the lake bottom; for every pound of prey fish swimming in the lake today, there are an estimated three or four pounds of quaggas clustering on the lake bed.It causes many of the same problems (stripping life-supporting algae,In January 2007, quagga mussels were discovered at a marina in the Nevada portion of In 2008 the threat of quagga mussels being introduced at Quagga mussels are now in all parts of Lake Powell on the Utah and Arizona Border. Quagga mussels (dreissena bugensis) and zebra mussels (dreissena polymorpha) are freshwater, bivalve mollusks that have invaded North American waters.Quagga mussels were detected in Lake Mead in early 2007 and are now found in several other Arizona waters.

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where are quagga mussels found

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