vortex generator placement

This can be achieved using - you guessed it - vortex generators.

(a) measuring the performance of a first wind turbine electric generator (WTG);(b) defining an approximately quadrilateral area on a first blade of said first WTG, said defined area extending spanwise along said first blade from about 10 percent of said blade span measured from blade root to blade tip to about 40 percent of said blade span, and from about 20 percent of the maximum chord length of said first blade from the leading edge of said first blade to about 70 percent of the maximum chord length from the leading edge of said first blade;(c) placing stall flags within said defined area on said first blade;(d) operating said first WTG and monitoring the behavior of said stall flags on said first blade during said operation of said first WTG;(e) determining a stall line on said first blade based upon the response of said stall flags during said operation of said first WTG;(f) installing vortex generators on said first blade of said first WTG within said defined area and adjacent to and upwind of said stall line;(g) installing vortex generators at substantially identical locations on every other blade of said first WTG;(h) monitoring the behavior of said stall flags on said first blade during the operation of said first WTG with said vortex generators in place on all said blades;(i) and if said stall flags show improved chordwise wind flow across said blade, measuring the performance of said first WTG and comparing said performance of said first WTG with installed vortex generators with the performance of said first WTG prior to the installation of vortex generators;(j) and if said stall flags do not show improved chordwise wind flow across said blade, repeating steps (a) through (d) on a second WTG;(k) installing vortex generators on the blades of said second WTG, said vortex generators being installed such that at least some vortex generators are installed at locations different from but nearby the locations used for said first WTG;(a) measuring and recording the electric power output of said wind turbine generator in a variety of windspeeds;(b) constructing a line along the maximum chord of a first blade of said WTG and measuring the length of said line;(c) constructing a line along the length of said first blade and measuring the length of said line from the root to the tip;(d) defining an area on said first blade for attachment of stall flags, said defined area extending between approximately ten percent (10%) and forty percent (40%) of the line from blade root to blade tip, and between twenty percent (20%) and seventy percent (70%) of the length of said maximum chord line from the leading edge of said blade;(e) attaching stall flags throughout said defined area;(f) operating said WTG at windspeeds and mid-level power generation typical for said WTG;(g) monitoring said stall flags during said WTG operation;(h) determining a stall area based on the appearance of said stall flags during monitoring;(i) providing a plurality of pairs of vortex generators After 1991, the airworthiness certification requirements in the USA specify the one-engine-inoperative climb requirement as a gradient independent of stalling speed, so there is less opportunity for vortex generators to increase the maximum takeoff weight of multi-engine airplanes whose certification basis is FAR 23 at amendment 23-42 or later.Because the landing weights of most light aircraft are determined by structural considerations and not by stall speed, most VG kits increase only the takeoff weight and Vortex generators have been used on the wing underside of A drooped leading edge presents a "vortex-producing discontinuity", in "Spin Resistance Development for Small Airplanes", SAE paper 2000-01-1691USA Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 23, §23.67, amendment 23-42, February 4, 1991 <> If there is little or no improvement, repeating the steps on a second WTG using different placement within the defined area for the vortex generators. The air speed then increases to what is called free stream velocity as the distance increases from the car’s body, as can be seen in the diagram below. No.

Although windspeed is given in meters per second, measured relative to the ground, the actual wind across a blade will be variable at different points along the blade, and will be a combination of windspeed plus the rotational velocity of the blade taken at various points along the blade. For each unit upon which stall flag testing is done, stall flag observations, and electricity output measurements should be taken at wind speeds historically the most typical for that site.Testing of a the next wind turbine generator may include attaching stall flags on one blade of the wind turbine generator and observing the airflow pattern to determine the location of the stall line.
Vortex Generator suggestions We have all seen or had aircraft with variations from supplier recommended placement. If the result is similar to the flow pattern for the preceding wind turbine generator, then VGs may preferably be installed on all three blades in an alternate location from that used on the first wind turbine generator.

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vortex generator placement

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