fulham workhorse ballast cross reference

The Fulham Workhorse 5 WH5-120-L Electronic Fluorescent Ballast powers F15T8 lamps on 120V. << /ProcSet [/PDF /Text] << 랞�mpG��c��P�����h�/B�7 �mz�JP�V�b/�/�k�0������i��j҈�+��uY[�6Z�l��O��/ok���� 7D��TՌ- Fulham Wh3 120 L Wiring Diagram.

�@�����um�6 �,GH4p�hw��Dj�(�^eɚ���컬 �Y9w�.�a�X=vJ2(����Lw��D���WX�����޶[^¼a��q���@a� Wiring Diagram Likewise Fulham Workhorse 5 Ballast Wire Center •. endobj LED T8 Bulbs Using Existing Ballast. Electronic ballasts are more energy efficient than electromagnetic ballasts and can eliminate visual flickering and audible humming of fluorescent bulbs.

/MediaBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] PAd-1433CR 1 Cross Reference Guide Cross Reference Guide Philips Advance to Philips Advance Competitor Name Competitor Part Number Philips Advance Notes Ballast Type Ballast Family /Resources << Fulham Wh5 120 L Wiring Diagram Download. >> Fulham Fluorescent Electronic Ballast, Fulham Workhorse, Fulham Workhorse 1, Fulham Workhorse 2, Fulham Workhorse 22, Fulham Workhorse 3, Fulham Workhorse 33, Fulham Workhorse 4, Fulham Workhorse 5, Fulham Workhorse 6, Fulham Workhorse 7, Fulham Workhorse 8. ?�Y+��D�N��Θ���O~��=����×��ӧ'Rd�JI�h(d�Κ�~������[�����'l���ُ������-~�t�"-~��?��5�~���������t�b��_��F���t�l����P�?m�w���ao���?���l]-Ҷć%͒Ȳ�?J�Um�ou�]�����;m���_>�fj�����'����S��Y���瓻2�\�\��xI�*�n�"�3��O\,��}J:�� A Henderson, NV 89014. International: +1-702-294-8944 Fax: (702) 294-8946 Email: [email protected] Open: 7:00am to 3:00pm PST, M-F We really appreciate it.Thank you for taking your time and giving us your feedback.We specialize in providing cost effective replacement ballasts along with a large assortment of lampholders and lampholder accessories. /ColorSpace << /CS20 20 0 R >> %PDF-1.3 Description : WorkHorse Series Versatile, Solid State Electronic Ballast. 4 Foot LED T8 Bulbs Existing Ballast; ... Major Brand Cross Reference Chart; Compact Fluorescent Ballasts. Fulham Wiring Diagram 22 Wire Center •. /TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] We love to hear feedback from you.

stream ͎֕��ι�Ā��UMHk1�I�n` �����ZT�����S�IF�D�%� EP[�1fD��O`�&O�o���{M\��]�=��&d9� �#aSU ^��4�D���Fa��Fs[��>l�\��3�uhyVs@)8�g:��-@J\�Jm��� -*����T� �"��r9�Člt�}�kV�do G�t����X�w'R���3�dg*r�0Ӈ& �5+⃲Q({mK�(���q��I���D@pB�Eg�����t�����*h��-Xɀ� This Ballast Will Operate Following Lamps.

����Uu��+׺�����d /CropBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000]

Fulham 128-Watt 120-Volt Fluorescent Replacement Electronic Ballast-WH5-120-L - The Home Depot /Filter [/FlateDecode ] Fulham Workhorse Ballast Wiring Diagram Trusted Wiring Diagrams •.

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fulham workhorse ballast cross reference

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